Welcome to the Hydrology and Remote Sensing (HydroReS) group

The group is led by Dr. Efthymios Nikolopoulos and focuses on research that lies at the intersection of hydrology, hydrometeorology, and remote sensing. Our work involves the application of state-of-art remote sensing observations in combination with numerical and statistical modeling in order to advance the understanding and predictability of hydroclimatic extremes and associated hazards and their impacts on water and energy resources. 

"Panta rhei" (everything flows) - Heraclitus, 500 BC

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December 2022:

i) Future Changes of Hydrological Extremes in High Mountain Asia ( Araujo et al.)

ii) Impact of climate change on streamflow magnitude and characteristics in High Mountain Asia (Nair et al.)

iii) Satellite-based flood inundation mapping: A multi-regional evaluation of VIIRS and SAR products (Nikolopoulos et al.)

iv) Flood frequency estimation at global scale: Exploring the power of machine learning combined with satellite precipitation estimates (Rasheed et al.)

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